Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

At We Buy Any Old Van, we value your right to privacy.

We gather only enough information to get back to you and arrange for your vehicle to be collected.

We do not store information beyond 2 months and your details will be deleted before this.

Data that we collect

Our webform collects such data as your name, phone number and email address so that we can contact you. Your postcode will help us to pass on your request to our closest collecting buyer. We also collect your IP address and will share this with our Vehicle Data Provider (UK Vehicle Data) for the sole purpose of preventing abuse of our vehicle searches.

All the other information is about the vehicle that you wish to sell and have taken away. The more information that you can give here the better we will be able to assess the correct market for your vehicle and offer our best price.

Data storage and use

All data is deleted within 2 months.

All our buyers, who receive information from this site, must abide by these policies.

What if you have more vehicles?

You can call us as often as you need when you have a vehicle ready.

If you keep us so busy we need a schedule, then, with your permission, your phone number can be added to our mobiles!


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