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At We Buy Any Old Van, we take out the hassle and make it easy for you to scrap your van. Three simple steps; find out what your vehicle is worth, accept the quote, and we’ll pay you when we collect it.  Enter your registration and postcode, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process.

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We are committed to providing a simple and straightforward way to scrap your van anywhere across the UK. When you choose to sell your old van with us, you get:

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We only work with vetted, professional salvage van buyers, car breakers, and recycling centres. From London to Leeds, Leicester, Sheffield, and across the UK, all our partners offer high-quality customer service and the highest scrap van prices. You should take advantage of our hassle-free salvage van buying service nationwide today!

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Scrap my van for the best price

If you have a van that has ended its useful life, you may wonder what to do with it. Sure, you could try to sell it, but that may not be an option if it’s not in great condition. Plus, the process of selling a van can be time-consuming and stressful. Thankfully, there’s another option – you can scrap your van.

Scrap my van services are becoming more and more popular in the UK. We Buy Any Old Van specialise in buying unwanted, damaged, and end-of-life vans. We offer a hassle-free, quick and efficient way to scrap a van while receiving a fair price in return.

How does scrapping my van work?

When you scrap your van, you may wonder how the process works. Firstly, you will need to enter your registration into our van valuation tool; we may need to ask you for some basic information about your vehicle, such as its make and model, age, and condition. Based on this information, we will provide you with a quote for how much we’re willing to pay.

If you agree with our offer, we will collect your van at a convenient time for you. Your van will then be taken to an authorised treatment facility and depolluted and dismantled. This process is carried out under UK regulations, ensuring all hazardous materials from your van are handled safely and responsibly.
Once your van has been collected, the scrap my van company will pay you the agreed price. You must provide proof of ownership and the relevant documentation to complete the sale. This will ensure that everything is done legally and above board.

Why should I scrap my van?

There are many reasons why you might want to scrap your van. Maybe it’s reached the end of its useful life and requires expensive repairs. Perhaps it’s been involved in an accident and is beyond repair. Or maybe you’re simply looking to free up some space on your driveway. Whatever your reason, scrapping a van is a quick, simple, and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of it.

Scrapping my Van legally and responsibly

If you’re considering scrapping your van, choosing a reputable scrap my van company is essential. We Buy Any Old Van that is fully licensed and registered with the relevant authorities. This will give you peace of mind that your van will be disposed of safely and responsibly.
In conclusion, if you have a van that you no longer need or want, consider scrapping it. We Buy Any Old Van offers a hassle-free, quick, and efficient way to dispose of your van. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you’ll also receive a fair price for your van. So why wait? Contact us today and get rid of your unwanted van for good.

Scrap My Van Near Me

If you’re searching for “scrap my van near me,” you’re probably looking to get rid of an old or damaged van that’s no longer useful. Luckily, We Buy Any Old Van has options to help you dispose of your old van for a responsible price.

With several scrap yards and van scrapping locations operating across the UK, you can easily find one near you. Enter your registration and postcode, or call us to learn more about our services in your area. We can even come to collect your old van right from your doorstep, making the process much more convenient.

Scrapping a van FAQs

Enter your registration and postcode above to get the best price for your scrap van instantly. We guarantee quotes for 48 hours and you can have your old van picked up from any area at a time that suits you. You’ll secure the best prices for your van, and also get your vital DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

 The scrap yard will give you a certificate of destruction once the vehicle has been processed. This usually takes seven days from the date your van was scrapped.

Normal payments for scrap or salvage van’s vary from ₤300 as much as ₤10,000 but there is a series of choosing aspects that can impact simply just how much you get for you’re vehicle.

The value of your van will depend on its condition, age, and make and model. However, you can expect to receive a payment for the scrap metal content of the vehicle.

Van’s registration logbook (V5C) The vans registration documentation or V5C is the vehicles logbook this is the most crucial document required for scrapping or selling your van.

Yes, you can scrap your own van as long as you follow the correct procedures and use an authorised treatment facility. It is illegal to abandon a vehicle or sell it to an unlicensed scrap yard

When you get a quote, questions about the condition of your van is required, and if you have told us exact info, you’ll get an exact price, no reductions for things like scratches to the bodywork, or missing the odd bit of trim.

 You can remove or sell parts from your van before scrapping it. However without the permission of the scrap yard, this can affect the overall scrap van valuation. This is because we need to accurately assess and process the vehicle as a whole.

Scrapping a van refers to the process of getting rid of a van that is no longer in roadworthy condition. It involves dismantling the vehicle and recycling its parts.

The van will be dismantled and recycled, with its various components being used in other vehicles or products. This process is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce waste.

You don’t need a V5C (log book) to scrap your van. However, if we buy your van as salvage, we would require the V5C (log book).

You can cancel the agreement if you change your mind after agreeing to scrap your van and it has not yet been collected. However, if the vehicle has already been collected, it cannot be returned to you.

You should consider scrapping your van if it is no longer in a condition to be repaired or has reached the end of its useful life. Signs of this include frequent breakdowns, excessive rust, or major mechanical issues.

Yes, you can scrap your van even if it is not running. We specialise in buying non-runners and will offer collection services for vehicles that are not roadworthy.

No, there’s no charge for scrapping your van. Any reputable scrap van dealer will pay you for your vehicle. However, be wary of any dealer who asks for money upfront.

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Absolutely fantastic service, fast and reliable and they paid the same day they collected my van. Definitely recommend this service.
Howard Chavez​
These are absolutely brilliant, totally hassle free, brilliant communication, fast collection and a very courteous driver, money in the bank within 5 mins of my old van being loaded on the recovery lorry, you couldn't ask for more.
Lucas Elliot

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